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Working closely with the commercial real estate industry we understand timely delivery of a complete and accurate survey within your feasibility period is vital to a successful real estate transaction. If you have a transaction with a short feasibility period or the requirement for an ALTA Survey was overlooked until the last minute don’t hesitate to call, we will gladly take whatever means are necessary to complete the survey in the required time frame.


Every phase of your survey is under the direction of a Professional Land Surveyor that you will have direct contact with. Our coordination extends not only to our actual client but their broker, title company, mortgage company, lender and lender’s counsel. 


This is the primary service Alliance Land Surveying provides to the commercial real estate industry. For more detailed information regarding ALTA Surveys click here:  ALTA

Alliance Land Surveying offers a full range

of services dedicated to the commercial real estate industry. Our satisfied clients include some of the premier commercial real estate brokerages, developers and investment companies in Arizona.

Most real estate professionals specialize

in a specific type of real estate, commercial, or residential. The same principal applies to professional land surveyors. Many land surveyors will perform an ALTA Survey but

Alliance Land Surveying specializes in

the preparation of ALTA Surveys.

Don’t put your transaction in the hands

of surveyor that does not specialize in

your needs.

Surveys and  our ability to meet stringent

commercial lender survey requirements,

we have become the preferred provider of

ALTA Surveys to many of the leading

commercial mortgage companies in


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